Vaginal Douche Protective Solution PH 3,5

Medical Devicelavanda

DERMAPLUS Vaginal Douche Protective Solution PH 3,5 is a ready solution intended to be introduced in the vagina. This non-sterile and temporary-use medical device helps in the treatment of  inflammatory conditions (irritation, burning or itchy sensation). It is also used to prevent such conditions, while preserving the natural defences of the vagina. Thanks to Lactic Acid and Hyaluronan, this Vaginal Douche helps in the fight against the symptoms of unbalanced ph levels, while giving a very pleasant sense of well-being and freshness that persists after its use.

DERMAPLUS Vaginal Douche Protective Solution PH 3,5 is formulated in order to reduce to a minimum allergies. The product has been dermatologically tested using a skin patch test on 25 healthy patients. Predictive hypoallergenicity test*.

Nickel test on each production batch**. NO SLES, Parabens or Petrolatum.
*In vitro testing of sensitisation potential.
**Nickel less than 0,0001%.


Active ingredients: Hyaluronan, Urea, Lactic Acid.
1.      Break the seal on the bottle by rotating it.
2.      Insert the applicator into the bottle exerting a gentle pressure on its basis.
3.    Introduce the applicator into the vagina while sitting on your bidet or standing in the shower.  Gently squeeze the bottle in order to produce a steady and uniform stream of solution.e. 

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