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User conditions

Wefarma Srl undertakes to update the contents of its website and offer Users information that is as accurate and reliable as possible. In any case, given the circumstance whereby the transmission of data on the internet has a relative technical reliability, Wefarma Srl does not, under any circumstances, guarantee the accuracy of the data on its website. Wefarma Srl also undertakes to maintain access to its website, despite this not being a juridical obligation. Access to the website may, therefore, be interrupted for maintenance, updating operations or any other reason of a technical nature. Wefarma Srl declines all liability for such interruptions and/or the consequences the same may have on the User. Wefarma Srl reserves the right to amend the user conditions at any moment in time, particularly so as to comply with any new laws and regulations which may become applicable in the future. Amendments to such website user conditions will be included in the relative User Guide.

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