Company Profile


Quality, innovation, scientific rigour

We have always focused on our inspiring principles of research and development, along with the professional qualities of our collaborators. Our core objective is to search for innovative and optimal solutions to improve the prophylaxis and treatment of sensitive skin and, in particular, the effects of contact allergies, especially nickel. This choice came about after observing an increasing tendency towards this intolerance and also those to other metals: chrome, cobalt and palladium.

This is why we have always focused and oriented our efforts on the study of such disorders.
Our objective is to respond in a tangible and innovative manner to the actual requirements expressed by those who suffer from these disorders.

This is the story behind the Dermaplus line, a complete range of cosmetic aid products, formulated to provide tangible benefits for skins that are sensitive, intolerant and susceptible to allergic contact dermatitis. Dermaplus is the line that realises our inspiring principles: quality, safety and innovation. The products comply with all top manufacturing standards and intend to provide superior quality, accessible prices and beneficial results for users.

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