Goji Berries Line

Wellness and vitality for your skin

DERMAPLUS Goji Berries Line is a beauty treatment that nourishes, tones and protects your skin, ensuring a prolonged well-being and vitality sensation for your daily body care. The entire line benefits from precious Goji extracts coming from organic cultivation, that are incredibly rich in vitamin C, B1 and B2; with an antioxidant, nourishing and smoothing action. 8 products ensuring a gentle and safe cleansing, even for the most sensitive skin. A daily moisturizing and nourishing action. Safety and compatibility tests are performed on all formulations. No Sles or Parabens.

Products - Goji Berries Line


Bath Foam 

doccia shampoo

Shower  Shampoo

olio doccia

Shower  Oil

detergente intimo

Intimate  Cleanser

crema corpo

Body  Cream

olio corpo

Body  Oil

crema mani

Hand  Cream

crema polivalente

Multipurpose  Cream

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